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I am an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary designer who specializes in designing narrative spaces and exhibition design.


Throughout my education and profession, I have existed and experienced different parts of creative sectors. I kickstarted my career path in stage design and later moved to set design. I worked as a freelance art director and spatial designer for several years for established productions in Istanbul.


In 2016, I co-founded Studio NokNok where we produced elements for the set and stage such as props, decors, masks, and puppets. This line of work has led me to develop a dramaturgical point of view and allowed me to have a broad knowledge of all steps of production.


Later on, in 2019, I took part in the organizational part of impact projects revolving around gathering creatives together for collaborations and co-creations. I also have participated in several programs revolving around such topics. Since then, I have continued to take part in such projects as a freelancer to widen the scope of my skills, as well as my network of creatives.


In 2020, to elaborate on my knowledge of the systems that construct our lives through the lens of architecture and spatial practices, I pursued a master’s study in Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design at Piet Zwart Institute. I graduated in July 2022 with a thesis that points out how certain objects are instrumentalized as borders for people who migrate.


Since my graduation, I have been acting on my fascination for spatial design as well as exhibition design, working with Netherlands-based design agencies such as NorthernLight and Designwolf. Nowadays, I am very enthusiastic about working on my own projects and collaborating with fellow designers and design studios on projects that spark my creativity.

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