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Space Imagined, is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design company, that specializes in designing narrative spaces and exhibition design.

Bahar Orcun, the founder of Space Imagined, has traversed various sectors of creativity throughout her education and professional journey. She initiated her career path in stage design and later transitioned to set design. As a freelance art director and spatial designer, Bahar contributed to established productions in Istanbul for several years.

In 2016, Bahar co-founded Studio NokNok, focusing on producing elements for sets and stages, including props, decors, masks, and puppets. This venture cultivated a dramaturgical perspective and deepened her understanding of production processes.


Moving forward, Bahar engaged in organizing impact projects, and facilitating collaborations and co-creations among creatives. Participation in related programs further enriched her experience. Since then, Bahar has continued to contribute to such projects as a freelancer, expanding her skill set and creative network.

Later on, Bahar pursued a master’s study in Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design at Piet Zwart Institute to delve deeper into the systems shaping our lives through architecture and spatial practices. Her thesis highlighted the instrumentalization of certain objects as borders for migrating populations, remarking her fascination for the 'Theory of Affordances'.

Since graduation, Bahar has been passionately pursuing spatial and exhibition design, collaborating with established Netherlands-based design agencies.


Currently, she is eagerly focusing on her journey with Space Imagined,  undertaking independent projects and collaborating with fellow designers and design studios on ventures that ignite her creativity.

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