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Exhibit Design Concept in Progress
in Collaboration with NorthernLight


The human brain is a vital and complex organ. It's often referred to as a "cognitive black hole" because it still holds many mysteries. Our knowledge of the world is based on what we understand through the brain. Advancements in brain science and research have deepened our understanding of its structure and function. This has led to the development of new intelligent technologies, expanding the possibilities for both individuals and the world.

The Super Brain exhibit is a concept for an abstract brain installation developed in collaboration with Dutch Creative Agency NorthernLight, for a science museum In Shenzhen, China. It offers an immersive experience where visitors can explore the fascinating world of neural activity.

The exhibit features a tactile and abstract brain installation. Visitors can touch and feel the contours and textures, getting a hands-on experience of the brain's complexity. Project mapping technology brings the brain to life with visualizations and projections that showcase neural activity.

Inside the exhibit, visitors can explore different aspects of the brain through interactive displays and multimedia presentations. The scientific knowledge is communicated through augmented reality technology through the app that can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets.

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