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Performative Installation 

Created as a group project during studies at
Master Interior Architecture Research + Design

Recognizing that the state of our world today is based on human action, we are seeking for different habits, behaviors and other approaches to create space. Between escapism and rootedness we played with tools, as metaphors for a set of values and practices, we think ‘space making’ requires.

There are pragmatic and poetic arguments about why islands are somewhat uniquely special for us. An island is a body of land surrounded by water. An island's biodiversity really is different from that of the mainland. Stories of expeditions praising the heroic idea of colonizing remote islands inhabited by the yet unknown are still told. Islands are holiday destinations. Since they seem to be enclosed systems it's easy to misuse them as a laboratory.

While living through what is perceived to be one of nature's most intense crises in generations, we should rethink and reinvent our actions and enable more than human dialogues within space. Being on the Marker Wadden islands - currently under construction and full of life - gave us an insight of what is possible to imagine and what an impact the mere act of heaping up silt (the main material of the Marker Wadden) can have.

Agnes Tatzber + Bahar Orçun + Sander Blomsma

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