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Multiple Media Installation

December 2021

Created during studies at
Master Interior Architecture Research + Design


Sequential Configuration of the City is a series of media work films in the city, displayed in a way to draw the spectator's attention to the liminality of the public and private arena; the media works are projected simultaneously on different surfaces and played in a loop, to highlight the infinite sequential configurations existing simultaneously.

"As we walk or drive with open eyes through cities today, we make our way through sequential configurations of space and can recognize that urban spaces are full of pockets of activities that are apparent in the spatial practices presented on the ground, and that linger as filmic memories. Viewing the city from this perspective, it becomes a cinematic construct that is made from a hybrid system of screen spaces and filmic on-location spaces, in which episodic and situational narratives render the actual urban sites into narrative expressive spaces."

Richar Koeck, Cine-scapes 2012


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