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Piet Zwart Institute

Master Interior Architecture Research + Design


Speculative Design

Visual Storytelling

April 2021

Working on a project about Marker Wadden when we did not have access to the island due to the covid restrictions led us rather speculate on the phenomena we heard about the island.


As a way of both showing our fascination as well as our criticism of the human manipulations on land reclamation in the Netherlands, we made sense of the research and the phenomena we heard about Marker Wadden by composing them together into spaces on postcards - the chosen technique and form of visual storytelling of this project part. These postcards were created by real facts and research about the island, then a narrative was built around it with which space was suggested.

The architecture we imagined here, is makeshift and yet somehow specific, pragmatic yet ceremonial as it originates from multiple unclear sources and points towards a speculative present and future. We took elements from everyday life and reformulate them, treating them as lexical units in a different syntax to disturb ways that we have learned, to see things, patterns, functions, and values.

The format of sending postcards enabled us to show fragments of our imagined reality which we stayed figuratively and con conceptually for a long time. That’s why we send postcards during this creative journey to give the viewer insights into the experience which forced us to stay conceptual and create fake evidence.

Agnes Tatzber + Bahar Orçun + Sander Blomsma

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