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Exhibit Design Concept in progress
in Collaboration with NorthernLight


The Gene Forest exhibition is an immersive exploration of the fascinating world of genes. This captivating installation invites visitors to step into a space that combines art and science to provide a unique understanding of genetic structures.

At the heart of the exhibition are larger-than-life sculptures representing the elements that form genes, such as DNA, RNA, and chromosomes. These meticulously crafted sculptures capture the intricate molecular structures and serve as visual representations of the building blocks of life.

As visitors wander through the Gene Forest, they are surrounded by these awe-inspiring sculptures, each showcasing the intricate details and complexities of genetic components. The play of light and shadows adds depth and visual appeal, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that draws visitors into the captivating world of genes.

The exhibition offers interactive installations that allow visitors to engage with the genetic structures on a sensory level. From unraveling the double helix of DNA to exploring the process of transcription, visitors can interactively learn about the molecular mechanisms at work within our cells.

Through informative displays and exhibits, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the role genes play in inheritance and shaping our traits. The exhibition highlights the significance of genes in our lives and emphasizes their impact on our development, functioning, and hereditary traits.

The Gene Forest is designed to educate, inspire, and spark curiosity. It provides a space where the complexities of genetics are made accessible and visually striking, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the wonders of the genetic world.

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