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Data Visualisation Project 
March 2021

Created as a group project during studies at
Master Interior Architecture Research + Design



We can hear the sound but what if there was a way to see it? If we take into consideration that the sound is constituted of waves, then there must be a way to translate those waves into something that could make a drawing.

Working on a project about Marker Wadden Island during covid times when we could not visit the island but only imagine, we wanted to somehow capture the rhythm of it.

The birds constitute the majority of the population of Marker Wadden Island, making them a significant part of the experience. When they sing, shout, chirp, and screech, together they create a rhythm, the rhythm of Marker Wadden.  We consulted, the largest Dutch platform for global biodiversity and species registry,  and took the data of the birds. And thanks to all the bird lovers, we were able to reach the sound of each bird encountered every day. 


As our technique of execution, we translated the vibration and the soundwaves of the bird species onto a flat surface using a laser pointer for drawing on the surface. The time of choice for that data is when we started imagining the rhythm of the island: March 2021.

The project became a eulogy for the status of not being able to visit the island but imagining it.


Bahar Orcun + Sander Blomsma


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