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Welldent Dental Clinque

March 2020 - on hold


Bahar Orcun + Mete Kayarlar





Concept design for a better dentist experience for children, for Welldent.


Many people experience a certain level of fear and discomfort in hospitals and dental clinics, with different levels of intensity. 

Especially for children, it can be a new, therefore unknown, and sometimes scary, even traumatizing experience.

We tried to design interventions in the environment with an experience-driven approach. The idea is to interfere with the whole experience by adding an in-between step: after entering the clinic and before having the procedure by creating a playful environment, helping them understand dental care by listening to some dental tales inside the tale-teller tree or brushing the teeth of animals around them, and waiting in the waiting room with the snake who has a swollen tooth.

The project is still at the design concept stage.




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