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Cross Change Lab

Şişhane Square - Istanbul

November 2018

Co-design and project coordination



Cross Change is a cross-disciplinary collaboration lab that designs and facilitates radical collaborations to create stories, projects, and tools that provoke and inspire to engage with the rapidly changing world


Public spaces are places where different groups with different needs coexist.  Yet there are many big squares that are not evaluated favorably in the sense of responding to those different needs.

The aim of the workshop was to create a temporal architecture that provides an accessible, livable, and inclusive space and responds to certain needs of the users of the space, but does not interfere with the already existing flow of people or traffic.  


During the workshop took 3 days: 2 days in the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul and 1 day in Sishane Square, the participants did several field trips, and interviewed the users of the area to understand their needs, aspirations, concerns, and expectations, and were asked to build the design outcome with found material. 

The outcome was a ' box' shaped space that is as covered as allowing privacy and serenity to e certain point without the risk of being too private or dangerous to be trapped in; but at the same time, permeable enough to both be seen through due to the building material and passed-through from the openings at both ends.

To achieve a more serene, attractive, and inviting environment, objects that naturally make calming sounds with the wind, colorful plexiglasses on the partially covered roof, diffused strip-led lights, makeshift cushioned palettes, and plants were placed in and around the 'box'

Partners & Collaborations
Consulate General of the Netherlands
Beyoglu Municipality

WRI Turkey

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